Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TTC Foundation?
The foundation supports the college through capital projects, scholarships, teaching equipment and professional development for employees .  TTC Foundation functions as part of the Development Department but operates independently of the College as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, which allows for donations to the Foundation to be tax deductible.  The TTC Foundation Board of Trustees, populated by community leaders, manages the funds in the foundation and invests them wisely to further benefit the college.  

The mission of the Trident Technical College Foundation is to advocate and raise funds for the college to support the region’s economy. 

The vision of the TTC Foundation to create community investments today for tomorrow’s workforce. 

What does the Development Department do?
The Development Department’s mission is to cultivate philanthropic support for the college by nurturing meaningful relationships and providing a strong case for support for investing in the college’s mission and identified needs.  Learn more about the Development Department.

What is the Campus Campaign?
As part of the Annual Campaign, Campus Campaign provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to make an annual contribution (via payroll deduction if they wish) to support the work of the TTC Foundation.   Click here for more information on the 2014-2015 Campus Campaign.   

How much was raised last year during Campus Campaign?
A total of $67,115 was raised for the 2013-2014 campaign and employee participation was 68%. 

When is the 2014-2015 Campus Campaign? 
This year’s campaign begins with a 50th Anniversary Kickoff Luncheon on Tues., September 2 from 12-1.  The campaign ends at 5pm on Tues., September 30, 2014.

How can I contribute to the Campus Campaign?
Contributions will be accepted online for the entire campaign (9/2 – 9/30).  Donation packets and donation forms will be delivered on Tues., 9/14 to those have not yet submitted a pledge or gift online. 

What do I need to know about payroll deduction?
You may choose to have your donation deducted from your paycheck in monthly increments.  The total amount of your donation will be divided by the number of months you specify (1-12) and that amount will be deducted from your paycheck beginning October 31, 2014.  Examples – if you contribute $100 over 12 months, your monthly deduction will be $8.33 per month for 12 months.  If you contribute $50 over 1 month, $50 will be deducted for one month. 

What is a restricted fund?
A gift given to a specific fund or program in the foundation can only be used for its designated purpose.  Examples of restricted funds are:

  • Any scholarship fund
  • Clemente program Fund
  • Student Emergency Fund
  • Student Equipment Funds

What is an unrestricted fund?
An unrestricted contribution to the Trident Opportunity Fund is used for general operating expenses and is regulated in accordance with the TTC Foundation Bylaws and its Board of Trustees.  Any funds above what is needed for operating expenses can also be used for any of the college's most pressing needs.  For example, funds are often transferred from the Trident Opportunity Fund to the Student Emergency Fund if needed.  Typical expenses that fall under this category are:

  • Accounting and auditing services
  • Postage, printing and supplies
  • Student awards
  • Donor cultivation
  • Minigrants
  • Student Emergency Fund
  • TTC Foundation Scholarships

For a full list of foundation funds, click here

Can I specify where my money goes?
Employees may specify that their contributions go to a specific fund or to Trident Opportunity Fund.  A list of funds can be found on the Campus Campaign website at

Does Dr. Thornley know if I participate in the campaign, and does she know how much I donate?
No and no. The only people who know if you contributed and the amount of your contribution are members of the TTC Development Department and, if you elect for payroll deduction, Human Resources. All of these people are bound to keep this information confidential and have signed a confidentiality agreement. 

Does my contribution go towards Dr. Thornley’s compensation from the foundation?
In short, no.  Presidential salary supplements are a common and accepted practice throughout higher education, including at other SC Technical colleges.  Salary supplementation allows colleges to offer more competitive salaries for top executives than state funding alone can provide.   In 2008 the TTC Foundation Board voted unanimously to supplement Dr. Thornley’s salary in order to bring it back to the level it was prior to her TERRI date.  Foundation Board Members contribute generously to the unrestricted account every year, which not only covers Dr. Thornley’s $55,565 annual salary supplement but also funds numerous other projects.  In addition to their annual fund contributions, Foundation Board Members also support the Foundation via scholarships, fundraising events and campaigns. In total, the Board of Trustees contributed more than $124,000 to the Trident Opportunity Fund during the 1314 fiscal year. 

How much support does the foundation provide the college, employees and students?

$300,000    Scholarships

$60,000     Minigrants

$13,507     Student Emergency Fund

$55,434      Tuition, Credit Course Assistance

$400,000    VDI (exclusively funded through the Building Opportunity Campaign)

$828,941              Total 2013-14 IMPACT

What foundation benefits are offered to full time/permanent employees?

  • Tuition Reimbursement:  Based on availability of funds the foundation will pay for tuition and required textbooks for up to four semester credit hours per term in any TTC course for which an employee is qualified. 
  • Credit Course Assistance:  Based on availability of funds the Foundation will reimburse an employee $200 per course for tuition, books and fees, up to a maximum of $1,000 per year for credit courses taken at an accredited institution other than TTC. 
  • Minigrants:  minigrants assist faculty and staff in purchasing equipment, materials and special resources not funded by the college due to budgetary restraints.  Each year, approximately $50,000 is budgeted for this program, with a maximum of $1,600 awarded for each minigrant. 

More information about foundation-supported benefits for employees can be found at:

What are all of the campaigns of the foundation?

The TTC Foundation Annual Campaign is the primary means by friends of TTC have the opportunity to make repeatable, sustainable, yearly gifts, making an immediate impact on students, the college and ultimately, the community. Annual appeals/asks included in this campaign are:

Other campaigns are held periodically for capital projects and other specific needs.  For example, during the Building Opportunity Campaign in 2012, funds were raised for the Technology and Equipment Fund, Scholarships and Scholarship Endowment Fund and the Fifty for Fifty planned giving initiative (which is still ongoing).

Who should I contact with questions?

Lisa Jeffries

Annual Fund Officer

Ext. 6630

Kim Hallin Sturgeon

Assoc. VP, Development
Exec. Directory, TTC Foundation

Ext. 6195

Rebecca Poisson

Database Coordinator

Ext. 6456

Abby Parks

Event Coordinator

Ext. 6580

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