2014 Leadership Team
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Thank you to all of this year's volunteers!

 Itaski Jenkins
 Library Specialist
 Bill Landry
 Dean, Science and Mathematics


 Academic Affairs 
    Business Technology  Chris Soloman  83% 
    Community, Family & Child Studies/Law-Related Studies  Tonya Misuraca  89%
    Culinary, Hospitality & Tourism  Kevin Mitchell  100%
    English, Journalism, History, Humanities, Pol. Science  Nicholas Rummell  56%
    Film, Media & Visual Arts/DL & Broadcast Services  Michael Johnson  89%
    Health Sciences  Jane Benton  87%
    Industrial Engineering Technology  Lara McKenna  56%
    Learning Resources  Diane Lohr  72%
    Mathematics  Laura Hoye  80% 
    Nursing  Dale Barnett  81%
    Sciences  Randy Koonce  54%
    The Learning Center/Aeronautical Studies  Pat Teague  74%
 Advancement  Kerry Coffey  94%
 Continuing Education  Kaye Friday  100%
 Finance and Administration    
    Bookstore/Human Resources  Fred Yeadon  88%
    Finance/Procurement  Robert Tyner  75%
    Public Safety  Blaine Locklear  54%
    Facilities Management  Michael Hodge  65%
 Information Technology    
   Information Technology (Info Services, Training, Sys/Oper)  Michelle Craven  100%
   Info Tech Services (Network Support, Help Desk,  Desktop Support, Server    Support)  Kevin Belt  38%
 President's Office  Shalena Williams  100%
 Student Services    
    Admissions/Orientation/Testing/Enrollment  Donna Grant  88%
    Educational Opportunity Programs  Brian Jerdan  80%
    Financial Aid  Tyler Mears  50%
    Registrar's Office  Evan Reich  100%
    Student Development/Recruitment/Student Employment  Charlotta  McNaughton  76%
 Berkeley Campus  Jarae Szydlowski  64%
 Mount Pleasant Campus   Elinor Hamblin  100%
 Palmer Campus     
    Faculty  Charlene Aldrich  63%
    Staff  Jamella Jaglal  74%

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